Eazy DMS Vs Portal Based DMS

How is Eazy DMS better than leading portal based DMS softwares

Emerging markets for FMCG/FMCD companies are massive and aggregated with manifold distributors, dealers, retails and potential customers. There are various ways through which manufacturers track goods as they move along the supply chain till it reaches the final consumer. Normally, primary data is already available with the manufacturer and manual ways are adopted to collect the secondary sales data from distributors i.e. sales data of goods sold by distributor to various retailers. But with the advancement of technology, companies have adopted different softwares available in the market to automatically capture their secondary sales data. These softwares are categorized under Distributor Management Systems (DMS).

These softwares commonly provide a web portal where distributors enter data separately which can then be accessed by the manufacturer. Software providers install a web based portal on both manufacturer and distributors side for communicating sales data and other information. However, these systems fail to address some of the common issues at distributor’s end which defeats the prime motive of implementing a DMS. These issues are:

1. Massive Duplication of Work: Leading DMS providers offer a web portal where information needs to be entered manually by the distributor which creates a resistance among them due to increased workload of updating data in theirs as well as manufacturers system. In other words, data needs to be maintained in distributors own system as well as individual brand portals which creates massive duplication of work. Eazy DMS eliminates the need to enter data separately as it extracts information directly from distributors Tally/Busy. Information is pulled out of their accounting software and transferred to manufacturers ERP directly as and when invoices are raised, reducing massive workload.

2. Separate Portals for Multiple Brands: Modern distributors work with multiple brands in the market. As more and more brands start adopting a DMS software, more portals need to be installed at distributors end and information needs to be entered in seperate systems. Imagine the additional work and man hours required to fulfill the same. With the help of Eazy DMS, there is no need to install additional software as information is directly taken from distributors existing software.

3. Mandatory Additional Training: Each company may not opt for the same software. Moreover, web portals provided by service providers will not be the same for two companies. So everytime a manufacturer decides to implement a DMS, they need to provide training to distributor for operating and managing the system which is a very tedious task for the distributors. On the other hand, there is no additional training required in Eazy DMS. Moreover, as more and more manufacturing companies adopt Eazy DMS, distributor management process can be standardized in FMCG/FMCD sector.

4. Increase in Manpower: In order to operate and manage these systems, distributors are going to have to employ skilled staff who have a knack for technology which will increase distributors expenses and manpower. It is due to elimination of duplication of work in Eazy DMS, no additional manpower is required by the distributor.

5. Distributors go offline for days: One of the major issues faced by manufacturers is that distributors go offline for days and even months which prevents data from reaching them at the right time. No software can help under such scenario except Eazy DMS. It lets you put limitations on distributors tally which won’t allow them to raise invoices for your product if they don’t sync data within 2 days or more as per your convenience. Additionally, distributors need to be online in order to operate the portal which becomes an issue in areas with disruptive connectivity. Eazy DMS is the only software available in the market that provides the functionality of both online and offline mode. It stores transaction details on the system and syncs the data once the connectivity is restored.

6. Lack of Real Time Transaction Details: As mentioned earlier, web based portals require distributors to manually enter data which is a time consuming process and is usually done at the end of the day. Eazy DMS on the other hand extracts data directly from their tally in real-time, making sure information reaches you on time.

7. SKU Differentiation: It is often seen that SKU codes differ at distributors end. In such case, it is very difficult to track & analyze which product has been sold by the distributor. Eazy DMS makes this task easier by synchronizing SKUs at both distributor and manufacturer end.

Eazy DMS came into existence with its unique set of features that overcomes all the limitations of a web based DMS portal. It integrates manufacturer’s ERP with distributor’s Tally/Busy to provide real time transaction details to the manufacturer. There is no scope of frauds in terms of scheme and claims management as details are validated through genuine transactions. Eazy DMS also gives complete control and power over stock and distributor to manufacturers. There are numerous benefits of Eazy DMS that manufacturers can secure for quick and efficient decision making in terms of distributor management. Our expertise lies not just in the product, but in the way the rollouts are done PAN India basis. FMCG/FMCD companies can also gain actionable insights from scheme, pricing and sales transactions to make smart business decisions with Eazy DMS.