Present day markets are huge and multifaceted with thousands of distributors, retailers and billions of potential transactions. How can your company take control? How can you manage your secondary sales and promotions while still cutting costs?
With rapid changes in market dynamics, businesses around the world are evolving by every minute. In an increasingly competitive environment, having a radical and methodological system for tracking channel sales is very important in order to achieve increased revenues and faster ROIs. Given this scenario, more & more companies are opting for distributor management software for a complete visibility of their channel sales.

Typical DMS:

Most prevalent DMS available in the market today are in the form of customized portals or web portals. Distributors have to work on customized web portal for each brand and maintain their data individually.
This worked well few years back when one distributor worked for few brands. However, with growing competition, the concept of multi brand distributors has come up. These distributors work with numerous brands at a given time. It becomes cumbersome for distributors to learn how to use different customized portals for the different brands they are managing and hence increasing resistance to deploy a system.

Pain Areas of a Typical DMS:

  • Difficult to maintain separate customized portals for Multiple brands
  • Duplication of work for the Distributor
  • Fresh training required for Distributor
  • Huge Support & license cost
  • Increase in Manpower cost

Brands need an easy way to collate information from its distributors that doesn’t interfere with their normal business process and can be integrated seamlessly.

Tally Integrated DMS

Indian Distributors run their business on TALLY. The entire Chartered Accountant lobby vouches for the benefits and usage of TALLY to manage the Indian accounting books. Distributor’s network across the country is either versed with this legacy accounting software or takes the help of a CA to manage its books that eventually function on TALLY. Therefore, TALLY is the most instrumental equipment to do business in India.

We have seen many implementation hazards of Fortune companies when it comes to India. Many stalwarts have succumbed to the operational inefficiencies and environment provided to implement a DMS (Distribution Management Software) successfully in India. One of the major fallback is infrastructure. This is where a Tally Integrated DMS can help overcome these challenges.

It works seamlessly with distributor’s TALLY. Making their life easy by reducing the pain of duplication, multiple entries in different systems, data mismatch, Item alteration, Price sanctity and lot more just by working on their existing TALLY system. The Manufacturer can pull the relevant information on the secondary sales data from the distributors Tally and get the information real time.

A Tally integrated DMS like EAZY DMS is not just pulling the data; it is also capable of pushing the masters, prices and schemes that eventually brings a lot of grip and control to the principle. The master control enables the principle to have a complete control over distributor’s MRP, Item Alteration, Ledger Alteration, Back date entries, Negative Stock billings and Reorder levels. The PO generated by Distributor’s Tally syncs automatically thus automating the Primary Sales as well.

Benefits of using a Tally integrated DMS

  • Centralization of Data
  • Data can be queued to sync even in offline mode
  • Import & export data from distributors seamlessly
  • Record information at minute level
  • SKU Mapping
  • No Duplicate efforts
  • Minimal Change Management
  • Less resistance from Distributors

A Tally integrated DMS, bridges the information gap that manufacturer’s having a distribution network normally face, without having to deploy any new system at the distributor’s end. It gives them real time access to the secondary sales data & inventory and enables better decision making. Therefore, there is no need to regularly follow up with your distributors for reports and information.