Eazy DMS features

Features and benefits of Eazy DMS

EAZY-DMS is a distributor management software for tracking Secondary Sales, up-to end level, helping organizations streamline key factors of their channel sales from faster stock replenishment, reduction in inventory carrying costs to better production planning. It allows you to achieve greater channel visibility without the hassle of changing systems at the distributor's end.

Challenges of Channel Sales Management

India with its large base-of-pyramid and rural markets present distinct challenges for distribution. Brands not only have to manage a vast network of big and small distributors spread out across the country but also need to juggle the conflicting needs of different channel partners.

Traditional Methods

Usually used by small, unorganized distributors that have inadequate capital, tech infrastructure and limited penetration of the internet

Pain Areas:
  • Deciphering unstructured Data gathered through excel, emails & SMS, Physical Reports, etc.
  • Lack of real-time & actionable Market Data for decision making
  • Misappropriation of Schemes introduced by the company
  • Lack of visibility of performing product & outlet at granular level
  • Target vs Actual non alignment with overall Sales Plan

Typical DMS

Distributors use a customized web portal for each brand and maintain their data individually

Pain Areas:
  • Difficult to install separate customized portals for distributors dealing with Multiple brands
  • Duplication of work for the Distributor
  • Fresh training required for Distributor
  • Huge Support & license cost
  • Increase in Manpower cost

EAZY DMS to the rescue

  • Complete Sales Tracking Capability at Secondary level
  • Better product planning with actual sales insights
  • Reduced overall sales realization & processing time
  • Streamlined sales return and scheme settlements
  • Faster stock replenishment
  • Supervision of Distributor/Dealer
  • Minimal change management as distributors work on their existing Tally
  • Seamless visibility of products movement across channels


  • Sales Tracking Capability at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary level
  • SKU Mapping
  • Complete control over distributor’s MRP, Item Alteration, Ledger Alteration, Back date entries, Negative Stocks, Reorder levels etc
  • Export new prices to distributors centrally
  • Store transfer (to & fro Warehouse)
  • Track every single movement of inventor supply chain partners
  • Visibility of the inventory across the network
  • Inter distributor stock transfer
  • Visibility of saleable and damaged stock
  • Maintain stock in multiple locations across distribution branches
  • Completely automated through integration with ERP systems
  • Control replenishment based on inventory norms
  • Visibility of inventory levels across the supply chain
  • Tweak orders suggested by the system to order based on market demand
  • Re-order levels
  • Price discounts for specific channels
  • Visibility of channel wise sales performance
  • Centralization of Data
  • Data can be queued to sync even in offline mode
  • Import & export data from distributors seamlessly
  • Record information at minute level
  • SKU Mapping ensures credibility for multi brand Distributors
  • Design and Execute Dynamic Schemes
  • Automatic claim generation for key processes like price discounts, promotions.
  • Manual claim generation for specific expenses like logistics, salesmen on field expenses.
  • Flexible workflow for company approval (Sales, trade marketing & finance)
  • Manage attributes – Item wise, Ledger wise
  • Many more add-on features and customizable capabilities
  • Comprehensive reports for Stock, Sale, Purchase
  • Graphical Dashboards for Management and Field Force
  • Customizable dashboards as per the need
  • Comprehensive reports for Stock, Sale, Purchase
  • Validate the visit and punctuality of Salesmen at the point of sales
  • Effectively monitor sales staff performance at all hierarchy levels
  • Monitor brands’ visibility at the outlet and assess market competition effectively

Benefits for Distributors

Know availability of stock at warehouse

Automated alerts to avoid stock outs

Ideal stocking based on sale patterns

Information on in-transit stock and delivery date

Quicker processing of claims

Eliminate needs of shipping paper bills

Operational efficiency for Distributors

Implementation Rollout Model Icon

Implementation/Rollout Model

Our expertise lies not just in the product, but in the way the rollouts are done on PAN India basis. We are tied up with an extensive network of Tally Partners who would physically visit your Distributor/Dealer and train him on how to use the solution. Due to this expertise we can achieve speeds of even 100 rollouts in a month

Support or Help Desk Model Icon

Support/Helpdesk Model

A DMS is not complete upon installation. It requires hand holding to cater to the day-to-day queries of the Distributor/Dealer on how to use the system efficiently. We provide helpdesk resources who become the single point of contact for all the issues for your Distributor/Dealer network related to Tally or Eazy DMS